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10mm tigers eye, white howlite, and black onyx beaded bracelet with gold plated accents. Gold plated charm with my personal magical symbol.


White howlite carries a whole host of healing properties that help to soothe the mind, the body and the spirit. This calming stone is always ready to help cool down fiery tempers and help us lead with wisdom. Helps with releasing attachments, stress and anxiety. Even helps with healing of persistent anger which may lead to a confidence boost.


Tigers eye encourages a passion for life and enhances your willpower and drives your will for success. It promotes not only clarity of intention, boosts self esteem, and gives courage, determination, and strength.

Howlite is a beautiful white stone that represents the spiritual qualities of stillness, tenderness, and open-mindedness.


Black Onyx is a stone that offers up powerful vibrations of protection, strength, focus, and willpower. This stone is here to continuously push you forward in your life. By activating your root, solar plexus, and third eye chakras, one is able to fully ground themselves to Earth. Not only will Onyx give you a jolt of energy to get up and start pursuing your dreams, but also protect you on your new journey. Simply carrying this stone or wearing Onyx daily will provide a shield around ones aura, refusing to allow negative energy to attach itself to you. This stone has been used as protection for thousands of years and is still one of the strongest protection stones we know of.


Charged with solar, lunar, and reiki energies. Handcrafted with love and magic.

Tigers Eye, White Howlite, & Black Onyx Beaded Bracelet

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