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Spiritual Cleanse Bath Salts, a potent blend of powerful herbs, oils, and sea salt designed to cleanse negative and stagnant energies, remove attachments, cut cords, and remove blockages.

Infused with the cleansing properties of black walnut, hyssop, rue and other herbs and essential oils, this formula is perfect for removing negative and stagnant energies and purify your aura.

Crafted with care, our bath salts offer versatility in use. Whether you prefer a relaxing soak in the tub, a refreshing rub-down in the shower, or a revitalizing foot bath, our product provides the perfect solution for your cleansing ritual.

Please note that these bath salts contain black walnut and may not be suitable for individuals with nut allergies.

Prioritize your well-being and immerse yourself in the rejuvenating experience of our Spiritual Cleanse Bath Salts.

Spiritual Cleanse Bath Salts (small)

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