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The Evil Eye Protection Candles blocks you from unwanted energy, jealousy and envy. Guard against unwanted energies and envious glares with the power of ancient wisdom and the earth's treasures.

In myriad cultures, the evil eye is a look of malevolence, cast out of envy or ill-wishing, that can bring about misfortune. Our Evil Eye Protection Intention Candle is meticulously designed to not only counteract these negative energies but to also envelop you in a cocoon of protection, ensuring that your spirit remains untouched and your aura stays vibrant.

Benefits of this candle are:

**Negative Energy Repellent:** Our Evil Eye Protection Candle creates a powerful shield, deflecting and repelling negative energy that may be directed your way.

**Aura Cleansing:** Imbued with ancient herbs and oils, the candle aids in cleansing your aura, promoting a sense of clarity and balance.

**Psychic Protection:** Enhance your psychic defenses by lighting this candle, creating a barrier against psychic attacks and intrusive energies.

**Peaceful Atmosphere:** Beyond protection, the candle fosters a serene ambiance, bringing peace and tranquility to you and your space.

**Ward Off Ill Intentions:** This candle acts as a guardian, warding off ill intentions and promoting a positive environment.

Illuminate your surroundings with the benefits of this enchanting candle, turning your space into a sanctuary of protection and positive energy.

This candle was created with oils, herbs, crystals, love, magic, and light to help you become your best version and to live your best life.

Evil Eye Protection Candle

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