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Distance Quantum Reiki Session

Distance Quantum Reiki Session



*There has been some slight changes with this service*




This is for a reiki session done remotely to send quantum reiki energy to your body and chakra systems on a cellular level where it is innately needed the most. When you schedule for a session please note that the session is done remotely with no interaction. Their will be an initial phone 10-15 minutes prior schedule appointment to explain the procedure and what should be expected and to asked any questions. Once the session is completed, you will receive a quick message from me that it is complete. I perform my sessions a bit differently. I work with a host of angels and reiki guides and masters to assist me in what I like to call psychic surgery as well. Not only is quatum reiki energy flowing to and through you, but me and my “surgical team” are spotting any irregularities and psychically repairing them. Being that I’m the General Surgeon during these sessions, I take notes with what was observed and repaired. And what impressions come from each chakra. *IMPORTANT* If you are interested in a written report for more details on what was done and noticed during the session, you can purchase a full report, breaking down the discoveries in the body and chakra systems, and auric field which will be delivered to you within 3-5 business days after our reiki session via e-mail. To purchase report, please visit the shop, as this would be an add-on service.


Once you purchase your quantum reiki session, please include in the notes a telephone number where you can be reached, be sure to mention if you prefer text or a call. I do respond to text messages more quickly than a voice call. I will reach out and we can set a mutually convenient appointment time to perform your quantum reiki session. 


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