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Do you feel energetically out of place, energetically unhealthy, but can’t really quite put a finger on what’s going on in your mind and body? Have you considered how chakra balancing or cleansing could help?

Cleansing or balancing your chakras means bringing them to their optimum functioning. We get to acknowledge and embrace all aspects of ourselves on the deepest level. We have to live with ourselves for the rest of our lives, so why not get to know ourselves better, right?

When they are open and aligned, we can easily bring forward inner power, love, and inner wisdom to our everyday lives. When they are blocked, it can lead to physical and mental stagnation and can contribute to a variety of physical and spiritual ailments.

This Manifeststion Candle helps with dark, heavy, stagnant/blocked, past karmic energies. These energies can manifest through obstacles and challenges, miscommunications, not advancing in one or all areas of life, re-living the past. Trauma. Hurt, pain... missed opportunities. Blocked emotions. Ancestral/generational karma, past life and childhood trauma.

This candle will help clear out heavy, negative or blocked energy, and help boost the chakra system which will restore balance and equilibrium in life... mind, body, and spirit.

Sometimes we can throw our energy centers off within our being by daily interactions that brings about some fear based reaction or response. When our energy centers are off, depending on what chakra/s, it can affect our interactions with others or circumstances and create blockages in whatever area of life that chakra or chakra is responsible for. So not only does this assist with energetically clearing your auric field (negative energy from you or others) but your chakra system as well.

With the cleansing of your energetic body it will promote clarity and focus, more calmness, positivity, solutions to problems you may have faced, possible resolutions to rocky connections and better interactions with the people and world around you. Also may help with your intuition and some may have more vivid dreams.

This was created with the perfect blend of oils, herbs, crystals, love, magic, and light to help you in becoming your best version and living your best life.

NOTE: I personally suggest to use this candle before manifesting anything in your life so you can ensure you are starting off with a clean slate and have energetic room to receive what you would like to manifest. For example, if you want to manifest love, burn this candle first. Then burn your love candle after this one is completed. Do this with any of our manifestation candles for optimum results.

Aura & Chakra Cleanse Manifestatiom Candle

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