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Something Has To Change....

I just deleted my YouTube app 😩 On a detox. I was a YouTube junkie. I replaced tv with YouTube. But realizing now, YouTube has had way too much of my time and energy. YouTube was a distraction. Prime example of my addiction, see how many times I typed YouTube in this post... ADDICTED!!! smh

This one may actually be challenging, though. Because YouTube wasn’t only a source of entertainment, but connection and learning...

🤷🏾‍♀️ It’s time to switch it up a bit, though. Maybe I’ll take a physical class or something. Like Yoga, vocal lessons, pole dancing, dance classes.... something fun, creative that moves me into my body, maybe. YouTube has me too much in my head.

Am I the only one who watches YouTube way too much? I mean, I have more free time than most because of the amount of freedom I have with the work I do. Although I have other things I do, YouTube just happens to be amongst those things.

I mean, I could switch it up too, and offer content more often... but I don’t like recording. When I’m out and about, I rarely take pictures or on my phone at all. So that’s that with that scenario.

Just typing this, I figured out the reason for my addiction. I need more new experiences and adventures. Lol More traveling. More beauty. More love. More living.

Lately I’ve been working hard, but no play. And things have gotten dull.

Although I don’t participate in New Year resolutions, I will say I am gonna to have a New Me Resolution.

Which is to learn more skills and taking fun classes to be more in my body.

This is the real challenge. Lol. But it’s a challenge accepted.

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