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If anyone is interested in purchasing the Rags 2 Riches Money Manifestation Oil, I highly suggest that you also purchase the Sacred Woman Divine Feminine Bath Soak.

Being in the feminine energy opens you up to receive.

Or you may want to purchase the Papa Legba Road Opener Oil.

All this products are powerful and helps get results.

If you are getting much results from the products, more than likely you need a cleanse. You are holding on to too much energetically, and there's no room for you to receive anything else.

But I can help with that as well. I offer a Spiritual Detox cleansing ritual that is done remotely. But you feel the effects of it immediately. The thing with this cleansing ritual, it is perform over a span of 7 days or so... but you will still be cleansing for 30 days or more, up to 3 months. Just like a physical detox. Give it some time but you will see results almost immediately.

Inbox me for more information if you are interested.

And if you are interested in reviews, you can go through my pictures on my profile

My Facebook page

Elocin Ned'RAH - The Modern Day Sage

My website under testimonials

I have have a couple of reviews on IG


I am efficient and effective at what I do

1... I've been chosen and spiritually initiated

2... I've lived through all of these problems that I am able to help with and had to come up with solutions with Spirits help, but on my own.

3. I am very intelligent, non-judgmental and a problem solver which makes me excellent at being able to assist you along your spiritual journey in life!

And plus I know energy!

Contact me through any form of social media. Inbox me on messenger. Also, my number is available if you prefer actually talking.

Lastly.... if you have a problem and need spiritual guidance and clarity, I offer phone readings and spiritual consultations if you feel you need some spiritual work done on your behalf.

And for deeper issues... you may want to consider a past life healing reading to uncover what past life has you stuck in a pattern that you carried over into your current life. And learn how to work through it and cut ties to the past.

One last thing before I end this post... if you are more so on the end of "love and light" and need some energy healing... I am a certified reiki master and instructor. I offer reiki sessions that are done remotely.

If I have helped you in any fashion, shape or form and you would like to help support me or if you know someone who could benefit from a real authentic Spiritual Master Psychic Medium and Healer (I hate titles because I AM That I AM)... please share this post. You never know who could need the support and may not know who to trust.

Until next time...

Signing off,

Elocin EL-Leniad Ned'RAH (The GOAT... I sacrificed my life to help humanity break free from FEAR (the matrix)

PS... there's another way. War and separation is in the 3D paradigm. If you are scared right now, I can be that safe harbor for you and help you shift your consciousness. I am a bridge from hell to heaven. A way has been made. It's not easy, but I've done a lot of the hard work so it won't be so hard for you. Challenging, but not hard.

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