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Ezili Freda, One Clever Lady

Another thing about Freda, she is not lazy as they say she is. She is a very hard worker, but she just makes things look effortless. And if she doesn’t grant your request, it’s because you can do it yourself BUT you don’t believe in yourself. She makes you into a hard worker as well. To the point it looks effortless. I worked for my position for Freda to walk with me. Well... trained. I carried my pain a very long time. And had to do the inner work of self healing and mastery, until I was all battered and bruised. But I faced my fears. And this is were her cleverness comes in. All the while, some may think she’s not answering your prayers. She is; just by making you stronger and believing in yourself enough that you will fight for what you deserve. And if you don’t, then it because YOU are lazy. She will show you yourself as well. A fine teacher. Yep, she teaches you through life lessons and blessings. I know that for sure. A “very clever lady” as a very close friend of mine would say. She is indeed quite clever.

Freda doesn’t have any bums around her. She works too hard for that. It’s almost as if you have to be worthy to be in her presence, because she knows her value and worth. And she will teach you the same. That clever, clever woman. I will defend Metres Mambo Ezili Freda, although I don’t have to, because she’s really unconcerned of what people say of her. But because of my respect and honor for her... she absolutely far from lazy. you have to get to know her in order to understand and see her true value. She is the epitome of love. How do you think it feels as a mother to see your child in pain? You would want to take their pain away. But you also know, in time that child will heal on his own, but she still swoops down and embrace her child. All she wants to do is make it better. And by carrying that weight, Good God has granted her that ability to take away the pain of the world so we don’t have to suffer. Only if you are able to carry your own “cross“ first.

Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, is another one of her titles. Her tears are her transformative ability. When she shed tears, as they often recite about her, those tears are our pains being released and cleanse, making room for something worthy of having. As I mentioned before, don’t pity Freda. She knows what she is doing. If she tells you to give her your pain. Surrender and do it. Because she can handle it! She eats pain for BREAKFAST! She’s badass. I don’t even try to understand Freda anymore. When she guides me to do something, I just do it. I don’t ask why until after I do. Because in hindsight, she will tell you. When she is in mission mode, she is gonna get the job done. Militant style. I read in a article that she is powerful and gets things done in 3 days. And you may not understand. But I believe she there Holding your hand through everything she tells you to do or at least silently beside you, watching even if its in the distant. Each scenario is different. But it gets done. And it’s very strategic... almost like playing chess. In case, y’all are wonder who in the heck I’m talking, in case you don’t know... Freda, Metres Mambo Ezili Freda Dahomey, to be exact.... Is the Haitian Voodoo Lwa. And she walks with me. And walks with other as well.

You may want to do some research on this awesome Lwa, especially if you don’t her. Although, it’s nothing like getting to know her yourself. I’m quite sure more is going to be said down the line because she’s pushing me to become more expressive again. That’s clever lady.... I think I know what she is doing, but I’m not asking any questions. I trust her.

And until the next time.

Signing off...

Elocin ‘The Enlightened One’ Ned’RAH

(Something like a Goddess over here)

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