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A Piece of Peace

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Along this journey I’ve realized that being at peace with others doesn’t necessarily mean you can be best buddies with some people, and even things or situations, as a matter of fact. Although that would be ideal. And in an ideal world, we would all be holding hands and singing Kum Bah Yah. To be honest,I don’t even know what that means. I mean, I could google it... but that’s not the point. The point is, in my ideal world, that’s how it would be. But the reality is that’s not possible. Lol. Really, it’s not.

Especially with this world being in the condition that it’s in, a state of sickness, what can we expect? It’s a lot of sick people out here. Literally, sick. I was sick. I’ve caught this dis-ease just by being born into it. Do I need to say that again, or can I get an amen?

Somethings are out of my control. And with that realization, I must walk away and surrender to what is. Because sickness can be contagious. You know, hurt people, hurt people. Sick people spread germs, and keep hurting and spreading. With this knowing, that is why some people go into isolation to heal. I know I’m healing. Because I chose wellness. I removed the only factor I could remove and chose myself. Because I can’t heal nobody but myself i can only offer what I see. A sick person has to want to heal. I chose to heal from the things I don’t speak of. Not because of me being ashamed of the things I’ve went through but because there’s no real solution in it. It may be a momentary relief. But inside, the hurt is still apparent.

I noticed patterns in my life, and like all sickness’s... there always those common symptoms that announces there’s sickness in the body. Mine... conflict. I noticed there was something in me that either blew up on people or push them away. A fear that I would be mishandled or not being validated for who I know I am. I’ve experienced a lot of situations where I felt I was mishandled. I will admit, I was more fragile than I may look. But I was broken. Broken by people, family and friends. By circumstances (at least at the time that’s how I saw it).

But Back to my idealistic state, I‘ve always placed high expectations on people and things, rather it was righteously so or not (because some people talk a good game)(just saying). In my mind, some things people do and say, I wouldn't or would do... depending on the situation. I was able over-giver, rather it’s things, my time, my energy, my listening ear... I gave way too much of myself, with those same expectations in return. And of course, I’ve been met with disappointment when reality set in.

But coming full circle today, I realize that’s okay. In this reality, we really aren’t equal. Maybe in 5d and beyond, which I know I’m assisting in ushering in. Heaven on Earth, baby! One love! RastafarI! Okay, I’m not Jamaican. Lol... Not like that matters anyways. I’m just saying.

So to find peace with this, I step back and surrendered to what is. And continue to heal, grow and expand. This is how I find peace, even if I have to stand alone. It takes a lot of courage to do that. I don’t want to bottle things in to keep the peace (which I use to do) because eventually that those “wrongs” erupts... and that’s how we get into fights and wars, and on that show Snapped. I mean, I know I almost landed a starring role. Just saying. Lol.

For real peace to take place, it doesn’t mean you have to be friendly or even happy about an disagreement somewhere... because somethings just don’t mesh well, and that’s okay too. That’s the beauty of diversity. As long as it’s appreciated and respected. And just respecting yourself, knowing who you are (what’s acceptable or not for you) and leaving the rest alone.... is health. It’s peace.

So I hope everyone has a little peace in their lives. I know I do. They say it gets lonely at the top (mountaintop experience), but that’s peace for me. Lol. Because at the end of the day, all you have is you. And you alone are powerful!

Peace be unto you! Bless up!!!

Signing off until next time...

Elocin (Let There Be World Peace) Ned’RAH

Yah Man

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