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There's been constant moments in my life, especially in the past 7 years, when I've felt stagnant. I have felt slow at times; like things would never change. Where life was becoming monotonous and I was just tired of my circumstances and environments. And then one day, things would be different. I would be in a difference space rather physically, mentally, emotionally, romantically, physiologically... financially.

And this difference came from making a decision in which direction I wanted to go. Indecision hasn't been my best friend. I've stayed in situations to long due to the fear of what would be on the other side. It's not to often I'd wonder if the grass was greener on the other side. I learned to love my yard and make it super dope. Just as long as I had space to create within.

When it's time for me to move out and explore the world, I wouldn't want to leave the nest (not literally... because in reality, after I graduated my 12th grade year from summer school, I dipped on a plane and moved down south. I literally only had 2 weeks after graduating to say my good byes because I was happily going off to college).

But the point I'm making, I absolutely had a fear of the unknown. But over the years, I've lived life, made good decisions, made some absolutely horrible choices... made some choices that turned out to be BEST decisions of my life and some choices that I learned from (possibly several times... lol)(this is a no judgement zone...I'm just saying!)

BUT the main theme here is, I've become stronger and wiser. And the MOST DOPEST I've ever been! Like tell me, who gets ANGRY and a whole doorknob comes off in their hand? Me! I'm that person.

If you find yourself struggling with fear, first and foremost, it's okay. Acknowledge that fear by speaking what that fear is, with people who love and support you, and who can speak life to you to defeat that fear and who can offer encouragement. Sitting with your fears will most definitely fuck with you. As they say, an idle mind is the devils workshop. When you're afraid, you can create all kinds of stories that could eventually turn into self-fulling prophecies.

Secondly, make a decision. To live or die. To live your best life, or waste away and die. Especially your dreams and aspirations. Your soul! The soul exists to evolve. So if you do die, die trying, to know you will never have any regrets because you didn't live your life or live the life you dreamed of. I am a huge advocate for life (but equally death... that's another story ::shifty eyes::) and being happy with the life you live, and making the best of it.

Whatever decision you are faced with today, take a moment to ask yourself, what's most important to you and that you would benefit from and all those involved, in the present and future. Be clear on your why! Why do you want this? Most importantly, check in with yourself about how you feel and why do you feel the way you feel. And MAKE A DECISION FOR WHAT'S BEST! Stay focused and NEVER GIVE UP! The more you accomplish, look back and see how you'be improved and accomplished short and long term goals. If you find area's where you need improvement, make your decision to improved and go for it.

If you have to plan, plan. If you have to jump, JUMP! If you have to move, MOVE! GO! Just get started. Acknowledge your progress, even if it's small. Just keep going, even if you fail. Don't allow fear to kick in, just keeping go.

Remember who you are! When you jump, just remember you can fly. This is just encouragement especially if you need a little word, to keep you going! You're almost there! YOU GOT THIS! We got this!

If you need keep with clarity, contact me. Maybe I can help. I've got a bit of experience under my belt. A little more stronger... a little more wiser. Lived life on the edge, sometimes. Pushed the limits, way to often (only to test things out things out)! I can most definitely help guide you to, what NOT to do. Lol

Just kidding. Kinda. But I most definitely can help spiritually guide you towards your highest good. That's the path I'm on. We gotta keep our vibrations high even in the lows. When we are in the lows, we have to keep a cool head and think. Even if some thoughts are crazy, take the time to reflect before decisions are made and ask for spiritual guidance. I am here! This is what I do!

Once again, YOU GOT THIS!

And let's keep going!

Signing off until next time...

Elocin EL-Leinnad Ned'RAH (The WISE FOOL) ::raises eyebrows & squints eyes)

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